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"Killer Burnout!"
Killer Beaz!

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Congratulations to Dale Jr. and the entire 88 team on your Martinsville victory!


Our own NASCAR Junkie Sam Edwards Special Announcement

I have an interesting announcement. I'll be at Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville this weekend for one the biggest short track races in the country, the All-American 400. Don't bother looking on the entry list, you won't find my name. I'm actually trading my helmet in for a microphone this weekend. XSAN has asked me to be apart of the announcing team as a color commentator in the booth (like Dale Jarrett, Jon Gruden, etc.).

You can watch all of the action from your Ipad, tablet, smartphone and computer, LIVE at

It's going to be a hell of a show. There are 60+ cars on the entry list including John Hunter Nemecheck, Sterling Marlin, Justin South, Harrison Burton, Anderson Bowen, Kaz Krala and more.

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Did Jeremy Mayfield get a raw deal from NASCAR?
See "The Mayfield Story" and judge for yourself.

Feel free to comment on the Blog page

The Mayfield Story | Part I "The Fall"

The Mayfield Story | Part II "The Road"

Killer Beaz performance at The Fortino Winery in Gilroy California

  • Wife,Daughter, Son, Son-in-law and I with Killer
    Wife,Daughter, Son, Son-in-law and I with Killer
  • Gary & Julie from KRTY Radio
    Gary & Julie from KRTY Radio
  • Killer and I being goof balls!
    Killer and I being goof balls!

Whether it's in a race car or in life, before anyone can make it to the Winners Circle--they have to dream that they can do it. Our mission is to support children in need through this journey.

In racing, an engine is only as good as the fuel that powers it.  Our Dare to Dream works the same way...

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